Looking for Patterns in instrumental data                                            
Dr Darko Butina


Data and Knowledge

All knowledge in the physical sciences is extracted from data generated by approved instruments and can be validated/reproduced by experts in the relevant branches of science.  The proof of that knowledge, i.e. when we say 'we know' and we really do know, lies in the ability to apply that new knowledge to solve the problem that was the main reason of generating the data in the first place.  To avoid any ambiguity in interpretation of data, each datapoint must have an unbroken link to the instrument used to generate it, while each instrument will have a unique symbol assigned to it.  The boundaries of each dataset define the knowledge domain that can be extracted from that dataset and it follows that the history of the instrument used to measure the data, defines the knowledge about that data.  For example, all our 'knowledge' about the air temperatures of our planet can be extracted from the data that are generated by calibrated thermometers and, since the first calibrated thermometer was invented and manufactured in 1714, it follows that we do NOT know anything about temperatures before 1714.


1. While the flooding of 2014 in UK is still going on, the questions are now being asked whether it could have been prevented? What this audit,
UK flooding of 2014, is clearly showing that the flooding was not caused by extreme precipitation but by extreme incompetence.

2. It is NOT the Sun, it is NOT CO2 but the new GreenHouse element Silicon that is controlling temperatures at the Arctic, the evidence of systematic corruption of the original historical data by the database administrators.

3. Why every model based on annual global temperature must be wrong! One of the standards to correlate air temperatures and time is so called 'Annual Global Temperature', a single datapoint that is generated by computer software, that cannot be validated, that has 0% informational content and has nothing to do with physical reality of our planet. It therefore has to follow that any model that uses that parameter as its main reference point simply cannot work and must be wrong

4. Constant and systematic abuse of the historical thermometer-based data by the curators of those datasets: NASA, NOAA and GHCN
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